E-ink 3color Meteo Display

This Arduino project was created to display the data from my own PWS (personal weather station).
The weather station here is the W830 of Ventus. It sends its data via 868Mhz to the base station/display.
The base station again, sends it via WIFI to the internet/Wunderground server.

Because the base station display has not a wide viewing angle, I wanted to copy some of this data and show it on an E-Ink display. I already had the famous Wemos PCB’s available, I used the Wemos wifi internet connection to get the data from the website where my PWS data is presented .( https://wow.metoffice.gov.uk ). For this project I bought a tri-color 4.2″ E-ink display.

I discouvered that the tri-color E-ink displays are even much slower than the “old” BW E-ink displays. The displays from GoodDisplays and or WaveShare are easy to get started with. On the Github website you can find the libraries and comments/improvements from other users.

My weather display GUI will be slightly different to existing/known PWS projects. My idea, as a sailorman, is to display windspeed and direction at first and big in text and with a wind arrow. So no cloud and sun icons. On the right side I want to display brief temperature/humidity information and of course time and date on top.. Maybe later also a small AirPressure graph. 

On the picture left you see a first try of my wind meteo E-ink display