AIS station

AIS , Automatic Identification System, is a system to send a ships location, speed and heading via VHF frequency 161.975Mhz and/or via 162.025 MHz.(channel A and B). Modulation: GMSK (Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying).

Range via VHF is ca 40km.

Other ships with an AIS transponder can be seen and be warned for e.g. collisions .

With a few, relative cheap electronic devices, its posible to receive ships with a AIS transponder and forward their location etc to the internet. E.g. to websites like MarineTrafic etc.

I bought the electronics and followed instructions on the internet to create such a gateway.

here is a way to build it (in Dutch):

Now I am on the air!!

MarineTraffic: Impression of the ship traffic with an active AIS-transponder aboard. The color of the ship icon tell us what kind of ship it is. E.g. pink is a pleasure craft. Red is a tanker.
Overview of my AIS station
Impression of the ships (the green dots) which my AIS station received in 1 day. The received data was forwarded by my station to MarineTraffic.