The name HEMTRON was created in 1992 by the CEO of TiePieEngineering. Because I created first the name TiePie and his Logo.

Hemtron is a created by taking a part of my family name (HEeMstra) and my elecTRONics developement skills. TiePie is no more then T.P. (Ton Poelsma). We are friends since little boy time…

After graduation of technical highschool/university in 1986 I started at Philips Nederland in Eindhoven. After 5 years I left the company and made a 4 months trip in South America (Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay and Brasil.).

After returning to the Netherlands , I started (on march 9th 1992) a job as electronical engineer @ Hadewe (Neopost/Quadient) , yes it had some name changes in those 28 years. After a couple of years I moved to the software developent department and continued as a C++ OO programmer for the embedded electronics in our envelope filling machines.

In 2015 I met a Swiss lady which I already met before (1991) in south america. We married in december 2019, just before the corona pandemy.

In may 2020 I left the company and started my pre-retirement. On this website you can also find a lot of little and big projects I started and finished since I left Neopost/Quadient.

So wanna know what I did last time? visit my page and you are informed!  😉


Prof.dr.ir. H.J. Draadje alias Hemtron.